Renovation, Residential



Year: 2017
The project called for the renovation and refurbishment of existing apartments in a 19th century building. This included an inner partition, additional staircases, a new roof and new balconies.

We stepped in to resolve design issues, and played an active role in ensuring seamless communication between the various parties involved in the execution of the same as the architect and consultant.

Rosenvænget is located in inner Østerbro, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Copenhagen. Today it is one of the most sought-after residential areas, a gateway between a vibrant city life and the idyllic nature around. 

The building has been divided into 2 parts, connected by a courtyard. This allows every apartment to have its own balcony facing the courtyard, activating the central space and letting in ample natural light.

Modern living with historic values

The aim was to meet modern functional requirements, while drawing inspiration from its original Danish historicist style, characterized by great attention to detail and a balanced symmetry of square patterns.

The bright atmosphere of the open kitchen with exposed brickwork detail of the filled in windows compliments the original expression of the place.