Year: 2008

VillaKram the unique and sustainable private residence and workplace of Architect Natallia Sørensen, head of Infusion Aps.

Double-houses: A sustainable alternative
The idea behind VillaKram is to leverage the benefits multiple families living in the same house. The larger volume allowed more flexibility as well as saves space through vertical stacking of the staircases and services. The merging of the two dwellings gives both a smaller surface which reduces the heat loss. A daylight shaft in the middle of the house serves as both a source of natural light and as a technical control room for the two families. Social benefits like shared laundry cellar, bicycle cellar and tools, as well as the easy opportunity for shared childcare magnify its feasibility.


A  Dynamic Facade

The house was thought of as a loving embrace between two homes, a concept clearly visualized in the façade made of 2 intertwined blocks, one part golden cedar and the other, matte black plaster. This design lets both families enjoy views from all sides, and live upstairs and downstairs to their neighbors.


Materiality and sustainability

Delicate plaster and cedar shingles contribute to low environmental impact from the facade construction. The energy saving compact structure and a relatively large window area (36% of floor area above basement) reduce electricity consumption. A balanced ventilation system with heat recovery minimizes the heat loss of the building and create a good indoor environment. 

Spatial Design

The entrance gallery and living area are divided by a shelf instead of a wall, creating a more open feeling and not closing off the corners. Jumping windows provide ample sunlight and allow a play of light and shadow through the entire double-height volume of the living area.

Studio mobile

A balance between the Home and workplace

Since the house also serves as the office for Infusion Aps, the double height living room and balcony office provide a vibrant, creative studio atmosphere. The dining room is placed so that it can be used as a meeting area when required.